PLMT & Butterfield Bank - AG Show Entertainment 2018 - UPDATED

PlayList Management & Talent (PLMT), in conjunction with the AG Show Ltd., is proud to announce the talented groups, students, and individuals who will grace the Entertainment stage over the three (3) days of the Agricultural Exhibition this April 19-21st, 2018. Through the generous sponsorship of Butterfield Bank, along with the support of Age Concern, PLMT is presenting singers, dancers, musical acts and more for the audience on the lower grounds all throughout the day starting at 10am, with a specific covered area for our seniors.

“Butterfield is pleased to continue to, once again, be among the sponsors of the Ag Show, one of Bermuda’s largest and most loved community events. This year, we’re supporting the Entertainment Tent, where Ag Show attendees will be able to enjoy school performances, steel pan, dance schools, independent vocalists, musicians and Ariel arts. We look forward to some great entertainment and a fantastic Ag Show again this year,” stated Sean Smatt, Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Banking Bermuda & Cayman, Butterfield.

The talent includes the following performers (in random order): Bones Blues Band, Bermuda Jump Rope Federation, Lotus, DanceSations School of Dance, Inspired Fitness, Bermuda School of Music Youth Choir, Rated E, Bermuda AllStar Steel Band, Indigo Adamson, In Motion School of Dance, Dakota Tucker, J&D Guitar Duo, Brothers in Music, Kiana Madeiros, Kinetix, Cristin Raynor, United Dance Productions, Shardae Lee, Delijah Symonds, Jackson’s School of Dance, & Skye.

School performances include: Purvis Primary School Choir, Warwick Academy Primary Choir, Northlands Primary School Choir, Saltus Senior & Junior Choir, West Pembroke Choir & Cheerleaders, Whitney Institute Middle School, Sandys Middle School Steel Panthers Band, Dellwood Middle School Drama Team, CedarBridge Academy Ensemble, Warwick Academy Senior Choir, Mount Saint Agnes Choir,  & Saltus Senior Ensemble – Stringendo & Woodwind Group.

Please check the schedule for performance dates/times. For more information, please email PLMT at


 Thursday April 19th, 2018


10:15am               Brothers in Music

10:30                     Purvis Primary School Choir

10:45am               Inspired Fitness

11:30                     Cedarbridge Academy Ensemble

12pm                     Warwick Academy Primary Choir

12:30                     Saltus Senior & Junior Choir

1pm                       Opening Ceremony main ring

1:30                        Northlands Primary School Choir

2pm                       Warwick Academy Senior Choir

2:15pm               West Pembroke Choir & Cheerleaders

2:30                        Mount Saint Agnes Choir

3pm                       Whitney Institute Middle School

3:30                        Saltus Senior Ensemble- Stringendo and Woodwind Group

4pm                       Sandys Middle School Steel Panthers Band

Tug of War Main Ring


Performance schedule is subject to change



Friday April 20th, 2018


10:15am               Indigo Adamson

10:30                     Dakota Tucker

10:45am               Shardae Lee

11am                     Lotus

11:30                     DanceSations School of Dance

12pm                     J&D Guitar Duo

12:30                     Jackson’s School of Dance

1:15pm                 Brothers In Music

1:45                        Rated E

2pm                       Bones Blues Band

2:30                        Lotus

3pm                       In Motion School of Dance

3:30                       Kiana Madeiros

3:45pm                 Delijah Symonds

4pm                     Dellwood Middle School Drama Team

4:30                     Bermuda AllStar Steel Band

Tug of War Main Ring


Performance schedule is subject to change


Saturday April 21st, 2018


10:15                   J&D Guitar Duo

10:45                   Dakota Tucker

11am                   Kinetix

11:30                   Bones Blues Band

12pm                  Indigo Adamson

12:30                   DanceSations School of Dance

1pm                     Bermuda Jump Rope Federation

1:30                     Bermuda School of Music Youth Choir

2pm                     Kinetix

2:45                     Kiana Madieros

3:15                     Cristin Raynor

3:30                     In Motion School of Dance

4pm                     Skye

4:30                     United Dance Productions

5pm                     Bermuda All Star Steel Band

Tug of War Main Ring


Performance schedule is subject to change