PLMT presents "$4$" Poet Ali, featuring Kidd Clazzic & Electrik

International Performer/Entertainer, and Speaker Poet Ali was introduced to Kidd Clazzic through Playlist Management & Talent, Bermuda. They represented Kidd during the time and Poet had a tour on the island. When Theresa and Poet connected, they came up with the idea of producing a single that might be able to take the Island Vibe of Bermuda and the energy of Poet and put it all together on one track. It was a hot summer and Beachfest and CupMatch were around the corner and that's when the opportunity to perform on the stage of the biggest annual beach party on the island came up. The single was still still not yet written or recorded but they were already set to perform it at Horseshoe Bay on the Beachfest stage in front of thousands of Bermudians and tourists. It was then they reached out to Derek G a local Bermuda Producer and Musician who composed the music for the single $4$. Once they had the music, they were looking for a concept. Poet was in a cab ride and when it came time to pay he asked the cab driver if he preferred US currency or Bermuda currency, and with a giant smile and a thick Bermudian accent he said, "It doesn't matter man, Dollar for Dollar!" It was right then that the concept for the song came to him and he reached out to Theresa to share the idea. She loved it and relayed to Kidd, and right there the concept for this collaboration of a boy who grew up on the Pacific and a boy who grew up on the Atlantic was born. The song was mixed and mastered by Sammy Issac, and features Dancehall Artist Electrik, who is bringing more of that island vibe on the chorus. He is from Belize.

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