PlayList has several programs to enhance the skill and talent of our clients. Our services include talent representation (agency), video production, artist management, consultancy, music production, performance workshops & event coordination - contact us for more information. Our programs are listed below:

Developing artists program (DAP)

DAP is designed:

  • To expose young artists/performers to local & overseas training and specialized instruction.
  • To further enhance their performance skills, as well as to encourage their love for the arts.
  • To provide networking opportunities to further enhance their ability, their careers, and ultimately our community as a whole.

The program is open to students aged 10 to 18 years old. A video audition submission is required to participate.

Artist boot camp (abc)

Our Boot Camp was created to allow our young performers to experience life as a professional within the industry. Through our partnership with Lion's Share Cre8tiv and Studio 27 Model & Talent, the programs provides:

  • Instruction in vocals, instrumental music, modeling & drama.
  • Performance techniques, artistic movement (choreography) and stage positioning.
  • Artist conditioning, including physical & mental conditoning.
  • Song writing, including lyrical creation & melodic structures, as well as production techniques.
  • Staging, Acting methodology, Voicing techniques, Intro to Media/Film.
  • Performance preparation.
  • Business management & contracts.
  • Special "Q&A" session with professional artist.

Students should be 10 to 18 and must audition to attend ABC.

Talent inc - national talent showcase

Our mission is to educate families and performers on the steps of building a successful career in entertainment. PlayList Talent will audition and educate performers from selected workshops. These chosen few are developed through our 20 hour group training sessions. All chosen talent will be offered training and education in the following areas:

  • TV Commercial Acting

  • Film Acting

  • Improvisational Acting Techniques

  • Runway

  • Photo Movement

  • Acting for the Camera

  • Audition Techniques

  • Parents Workshop

  • Talent Coaching

  • The Business of Entertainment

  • Networking Skills

  • Interview Skills

Talent INC,  a National Talent Showcase event, is held twice a year to provide young artists the opportunity to perform in front of top industry professionals and agents in the United States, including New York, LA, and Atlanta. There is a ratio of 1 top industry leader for every 10 performers. This incredible ratio allows each performer to network and introduce themselves to every industry leader in attendance. There are 5 master class workshops for all performers which are led by the agents and managers. Agents also get the opportunity to set up interview callbacks for individuals on the last day of the conference.

The program is available to persons aged 4 until 99+. All individuals must audition, be selected and complete the 20 hour training session to participate.